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Welcome to Avenue Marketing, Inc.

The Internet has grown faster than any other previous form of communication.

It took 38 years for RADIO to reach 50 million users.
It took 13 years for TELEVISION to reach 50 million users.
It took CABLE TV 10 years to reach 50 million users.
It took the INTERNET less than 5 years to reach 50 million users.

Today, it’s estimated that the Internet gains 36 new users every minute.

That’s 1˝ million new users every month!

The Internet offers entertainment, information, and education…much like a library…almost like living in a library!

But the Internet also offers opportunities for COMMERCE.

Avenue Marketing knows that having a website is no longer “optional” for businesses.

And that’s OUR business….helping you understand and utilize the Internet.

The navigation links to the left will provide a great deal of information and guide you through our wide range of services.